Square-Enix Sued For $3.78 Million

GI.biz are reporting that Square-Enix is being sued by Soft-World International, a video game and magazine publisher based in Taiwan, for US$3.78 million. The basis of the lawsuit seems to stem from Square-Enix breaking a contract signed in 2004 to distribute one of the company’s massively multiplayer online role-playing games in Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The game itself went unnamed but we expect it could be FFXI

Soft-World claims that Square-Enix has failed to supply the company with the relevant source code for the MMORPG, making distribution of the game problematic. The lawsuit demands the return of a royalty payment of US$3.78 million. Soft-World International is the largest software distributor in the Chinese market, and currently handles Chinese language versions of popular MMO’s RF Online, World of Warcraft and Ragnarok Online, amongst others.

Even if Square-Enix end up having to pay the money to this company it is hardly going to break the bank, it will put an annoying dent in it however.