Emily ‘Bits’ Booth Back On TV

Following her, how should we put this… Following Emily’s “Recent” work she has now made the foray back onto TV. If any of you remember her from the old video game show “bits” this news may interest you. If you remember her for her other work, well this may not interested you as she is now clothed. Anyways here is what her official site has to say on the matter and yes we laughed as we tried to guess what to word was to!

“[i]Greetings once again Bouff fans!

At long last we can confirm that Emily is now defintely back on the telly and can currently be seen regularly presenting a quiz programme on Sky Channel 166! Emily has recently been away touring Thailand but she’s back now and is back on the box which is great news for all you lucky SKY viewers outTHERE!![/i]”