Eliza Dushku to voice star of WET, game to have Tarantino influences


With A2M’s WET now officially getting published by Bethesda, it seems the world is happy to talk about the game again. So, with the floodgates opened, news about the game is now on the way out. The first snippets to get out in the open is news about the games story and the cast involved.

Reports cite that the game will adopt many Quentin Tarantino-esque trademarks in regards to cutscenes and general stylistic direction. Because of this, many brash, saucy, at times cheeky style dialogue should be expected in the game, along with a soundtrack influenced from 70s cult cinema.

In terms of cast, the game boasts the voice of Eliza Dushku, who is currently most well known for her work on Dollhouse. She will voice the main protagonist of the game, Rubi Malone, who is classed as a “fixer” that will take on various hitman style jobs over the course of the game.

Malcolm McDowell and Alan Cumming are the other two stars involved – they will play the game’s villains.

[Thanks, GameDaily]