Eleven More Songs For Guitar Hero III

Today seems to the day of rhythm game announcements, with a Euro release for Rock Band been announced (albeit been a bit later than we’d like), ten new songs for the game also been revealed and Santana and The Killers tracks also been leaked as for Guitar Hero III.

Well, it seems we are not done yet as Activision, over at the Games Convention in Leipzig have announced another eleven International songs for Guitar Hero III, this announcement brings the current list of known songs up to 46. It is thought all eleven of these new songs will be master tracks, thus meaning no impersonators will be screaming down your ear holes. The eleven new songs are:

Minus Celsius (by Backyard Babies)
Hier Kommt Alex (by Die Toten Hosen)
In the Belly of a Shark (by Gallows)
I’m in the Band (by The Hellacopters)
Avalancha (by Heroes Del Silencio)
Take This Life (by In Flames)
Ruby (by Kaiser Chiefs)
Closer (by Lacuna Coil)
Generation Rock (by Revolverheld)
Mauvais Garcon (by NAAST)
Radio Song (by Superbus)