Electroplankton European Release Date

Nintendo UK today announced that the highely anticipated title, Electroplankton will launch across the UK and the rest of Europe on the 21st of April for the Nintendo DS. he simplicity of Electroplankton is where its beauty lies. It is not a ‘game’ in the truest sense of the word as it has no levels or scoring. Instead it is a creative medium allowing the user to experiment with both musical and visual effects to create their own multimedia masterpiece. The reward of this title doesn’t lie in obtaining a score or finishing a level, but instead in the satisfaction of creating a totally unique piece of art every time.

Players must control the game by interacting with different breeds of plankton. By mixing luminescent oceanic graphics and imagery with soothing and tranquil electro-synthetic sounds, users can create a harmonic visual and audio experience. In the main Performance mode players select a breed of plankton and interact with it using the Nintendo DS’s touch-screen or microphone. In total there are ten different types of plankton in the game, all of which have different characteristics. These range from Tracy plankton which follow routes drawn on the touch-screen leaving a trail of light and sound, to Hanenbow which make music by bouncing off plant leaves. Volvoice memorises and repeats audio samples spoken into the Nintendo DS microphone, allowing you to personalise your compositions. The game also features an Audience mode in which an assortment of demonstration tracks randomly play, showcasing the different plankton within the game and providing an invigorating audio-visual treat for the viewer.

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