Electronic Arts Lays Off Over 300 Workers

Electronic Arts has confirmed to gaming website Next Generation that the company has laid off or redeployed approximately 300 workers. A spokesperson for EA has said that while there are some exaggerations floating around concerning the number of layoffs, the approximation of “300 to 350” is a fair estimate, which is around five percent of its workforce.

According to the spokesperson The move is intended to “realign the company across all divisions“. The realignment consists of reducing the workforce in some studios, yet recruiting in others. Much of the reasoning behind the changes revolves around the console transition and a soft games market which led EA to recently slash prices on many of its titles. “It’s a matter of focusing our resources to focus on the new platforms and the process of making games during this transition,” continued the spokesperson.

Some of the employees, which were notified of the news in-person, will be redeployed to other EA studios, and others that will be dismissed completely will be given severance packages. “Right now, it’s just a matter of finding the balance on the different teams,” said the spokesperson.

Source Next-Gen