Elebits Gets A Euro Name Change!

In a move of truly LylatWars like proportions Konami have announced they will be bringing Elebits to Europe but before it touches down here it will receive a name change… and that new name will be Eledees!

Now before you break down the doors of Konami Europe for such stupidity think about it for a second and the name make sense… El-E-DEES… or L.E.D’s… geddit!

Even though the game gets a name change it will play exactly the game as it US and Japan counterparts letting the player manipulate objects in the world to hunt for the little creatures using the Wii controller as a “capture gun” similar to the Gravity Gun device in Half-Life 2 through 25+ single-player stage.

In the announcement Konami did not expand the March 2007 they had announce before so we still have no set date to make in our calendars. Shocking!