Eidos votes for Soul Bubbles in open ballot, Internet complains.

There really are worse things to hate Eidos for. That whole Jeff Gerstmann thing is one, and that whole supposed, alleged Tomb Raider thing is another. However, complaining when the company try and give one of their best games of 2008 some plaudits in an online vote is not really something that deserves the usual abhorrence.

However, this is what has happened when a Eidos employee signed up to the official forum of a Aussie games magazine to vote for Soul Bubbles in their Game of the Year voting. Apparently the employee voted Soul Bubble the top game in Best Graphics category, Best Game of the Year category, Best DS Game category, Best Innovation category, Best Gameplay category, and Best Art Direction category.

This lead the forum moderator, also the magazines Deputy Editor, to complain and ask for “Honest votes only, please” after he found out all the votes came from a user with an “@eidos.co.uk” email address.

We wonder why the votes for Soul Bubbles was deemed unfair though. Just because someone worked on a game does not mean they can’t legitimately like the game, and think it deserves praise.

In other news, we placed the game in 15th place in out Top 20 games of 2008, and gave it a solid 7 in our review. Eidos never even gave us anything in return, nothing at all, not even a free pen. We are far too honest – I really could have used that pen.