Eidos Jump On The Brain Training Bandwagon

It is been reported that Eidos are currently in the process of collaborating with Reiner Knizia (a poor mans Ryuta Kawashima in our opinion) to make a new DS game to help you and your massive brain. The game will be called Dr. Reiner Knizia’s Brainbenders, which in no way sounds like a rip off, nooooo not at all! Apparently the game will keep high score tables (in other words, keep your Brain Age), and tax your grey matter with puzzles to amuse and confuse you.

Wikipedia says Reiner Knizia is a prolific German-style board game designer. He was born in Germany in 1957, and he developed his first game at the age of six. He has a PhD in mathematics, and has been a full-time games designer since 1997, when he quit his former job as a quantitative analyst. Knizia has been living in England since 1993.

We secretly hope Knizia and Kawashima have a cage match to find out who is the smartest before Brainbenders is released, which by the way is as yet undated.