Eidos considering Tomb Raider multiplayer

Eidos’ Ian Livingstone, the product acquisition director at the company has commented that Eidos are currently considering taking Tomb Raider in new directions, and that they could soon add multiplayer options to the series.

We have looked into multiplayer aspects of Tomb Raider” comments Livingstone when talking to Playr (Bravo’s weekly gaming show). He goes onto say that possible multiplayer options would not just allow for “player versus player” competitive matches, but the option to offer “perpetual worlds” would be another way to making Lara’s adventures available to new audiences”

Hopefully they won’t start doing too much to quick, as a rushed Tomb Raider game is never a good thing. Remember Angel of Darkness anyone?

The latest Tomb Raider game, Tomb Raider: Underworld, will be released later this year on the 21st November.