EGM Reveal Wii and Zelda Details

On the Wii:

• A US$249 Price tag “seems appropriate
• The console will always be online (even when off)
• The controller will include a built-in speaker
• The Virtual Console will not have improved graphics
• TurboGfx16 will have first party games out at launch, third party will come as demand increases
• Virtual Console’s estimated fees are “a few dollars for NES, $5 for SNES and $10 for N64”
• Virtual Console games are pro-scan enabled.
• Metroid Prime 3 will be released in 2007

On Zelda:

• Zelda is 80% complete
• The delays were for graphic tweaks, Wii functions, the title is to be measured on a scale of 1 to 120 instead of 1 to 100
• The controller will only control the sword in some instances (otherwise a button is pressed. The reason for this is because your arm might get too tired too quickly
• Controller does sound effects (with the later mentioned built-in device)
• Widescreen enabled on the Wii only
• Navi is only there when you play on the Wii (More reason to play on the Cube?)
• Something with online is planned, but no battle mode will be available
• More dungeons will be featured than in Ocarina of Time
• In addition to that, more items will also be available
• The game supposedly looks much cleaner graphics wise than previous shots

Source: GAF Forums