Mass Effect Clocks In At 20-30 Hours

In a chat with Team Xbox Microsoft has confirmed that that BioWare’s upcoming Xbox 360 RPG Mass Effect will have a lifespan of around 20 to 30 hours per playthrough of the game.

There are so many interesting choices, no player will likely see everything in the game in one pass through the core game. One play through, just one permutation of the critical path, would be about 20-30 hours and the extra stuff you could do, including exploration of uncharted worlds and post-release content, would add another 20 or more hours depending on what you do and in what order,” said Microsoft.

With most RPG’s hitting well over 40 hours in terms of gameplay this does seem a bit small… MS does however say that the game can be played though many times with many permutation but not everyone cares to go though a game a second time. Will 20-30 hours be enough value for money if you are a one time only kind of gamer?