Early access beta for City of Steam coming May

The Unity powered, free-to-play, MMORPG City of Steam is returning with an early access beta that starts May 10th.

There is an official post on the game’s development blog explaining the contents of this upcoming period.

  • This is an exclusive ‘early access’ type of Beta; we’ll be using keys again and we plan to open it up as soon as possible. Newsletter subscriber? We’ll send you a key, guaranteed.
  • Relax Collaborators, you will have your guaranteed spot, and a head start.
  • This will be a continuous full-time Beta, except for some inevitable maintenance and patching down-time.
  • This is a ramp-up to the Open Beta. Depending on issues and feedback, this could end pretty quickly after May 10th. (Though not within a week, you silly goose!)
  • A character wipe is not planned; if there is something REALLY problematic that pops up we might have to, but we will try to avoid this at all costs.
  • We’re going to start off with 3 classes (Gunner, Arcanist, Warden) and 4 races (Heartlanders, Stoigmari, Avens and Ostenians) and build up to the 4th class (Channeler) and the 7 other races throughout the early access Beta.

People who have tested the game already will be invited automatically for the early access. However, if you have yet to participate and want to see what City of Steam is all about (tip – it is not about Gabe Newell’s home town) register and join the newsletter to receive an early access beta key.