EA: Wiimote lacked precision, Motion Plus will be good

When speaking to VentureBeat EA has commented that the current Wiimote lacks precision, and it could be the main reason why many recent Wii games in certain genres kept under-performing. However, the company also remained upbeat about Nintendo’s efforts, and went onto say that the upcoming Motion Plus add-on should go great strides into changing that outlook.

The Wii MotionPlus is going to be good. If I had to pick one thing we suffered from, it was imprecise control on the Wii. That meant certain genres were never going to perform as well on the Wii,” comments EA CEO John Riccitiello

There are a couple of franchises in our booth. Go look at Dead Space and imagine playing that game with a wand and a Nunchuk. If they improve the precision, then you could have a good experience.