EA Promise First Decade Patch Is Imminent

Over on the official EA forums there has been a bit of an uproar from Command and Conquer fans regarding problems with their First Decade discs. In a bid to calm the rabid fans EA has stepped in and said they promise a patch is on the way. Their post reads

“[i]I understand the many threads on this board regarding the two situations noted below, so please read on, thanks. I wanted to let you all know that we are aware of the issue viewing the FMVs from the Soviet Mission Campaign for Red Alert 1 in C&C The First Decade and will have a fix available as soon as possible. I will keep you all updated on this.

Many of you have also inquired about online/LAN play in the original C&C and Red Alert 1. As you know, these games have never officially been available to run on Windows XP and are not online/LAN playable in C&C The First Decade. We are currently looking into a few possibilities to help enable this and I will definitely bring you the latest news on this front asap. Rest assured. this is very important to us.[/i]”