EA Price Drops Of 20%

As a result of many gamers not buying recent big name titles and instead saving there cash to buy the latest and greatest systems in coming months Electronic Arts has instituted a plan to debut their new-release, high-profile games at a 20% discount from the usual $49.99 retail tag For those who lack tech savvy with their calculators, that means you can pick up EA’s new release titles at $39.99 from here on out.

The just-released EA’s Fight Night Round 3 will be on sale at retailers with the $39.99 price tag, as will upcoming high-budget titles Black and The Godfather. You can also pick up recent hits Madden NFL 06, FIFA 06, NASCAR 06, and NBA Live 06 for $29.99 today, with FPS classic Medal of Honor European Assault also appearing at an amazing $19.99 brand new. Sadly Xbox 360 owners are out of luck So far, EA has no plans to reduce the $59.99-priced 360 software.

Source GamersMark