EA Hope 2K’s American Football Effort Is A ‘Blip’

It may not be hitting the top of the charts over here come its release but in the US Madden is big business, in fact [American] football games in general are very, very serious business over on that side of the water.

Now, in case you were doubting that fact EA CEO John Riccitiello has stated during a recent shareholder that he want to make the upcoming 2K’s All-Pro Football 2K8, the only real competition to the yearly Madden behemoth in recent memory, “not repeatable.” Riccitiello commented that he most definitely sees Take-Two’s effort as a “competitor” and as such he want to make sure it “ends up being a blip and is not repeatable, because we like to defend our franchises aggressively.”

APF2K8 is the first football game to be published by 2K Sports since EA Sports purchased exclusive licenses to the intellectual properties of the NFL and NFLPA; their last football game published by 2K Sports was ESPN NFL 2K5. As part of EA’s deal with the NFL All-Pro Football 2K8 features a fictional league called the All-Pro League, which is the only way around EA exclusive licence. The game also boasts over 240 retired NFL players, which is another small loophole to get familiar names into the game.