EA Give Gamers Wallets A Sporting Chance

Today Electronic Arts announced drastic price reductions for almost all of its flagship EA Sports franchises. Effective immediately, all console versions of Madden NFL 2005 and NHL 2005 will retail for just $29.95, which is $20 less than the original prices for both. NBA Live 2005 and NCAA Football 2005 will be discounted by $10, so the games will now sell for $29.95 and $39.95, respectively. All four games are rated “E” for Everyone.

Frank Gibeau the EA’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, was very upbeat and had great things to say about the price drop. “People who buy sports games late in the season tend to be more casual players. Our pricing strategy will be a big draw during the holidays and will attract new players to EA Sports.”

It is believed that EA Sports’ price drops are in direct response to ESPN Video games’ pricing strategy announced earlier this year. All of their most recent crop of games bearing the ESPN name cost only $19.99.