EA Exec Urges Sony To Change PSP

One of the bigwigs at Electronic Arts; namely Larry Probst has gone on record as saying that he would like Sony to redesign their PSP. He suggested that a smaller model of the handheld would lead to a big increase in sales for the company. “I think what moves the needle is a new form factor that’s smaller than the existing unit,” said Probst in an interview with Newsweek.

this all sounds like great advice to us but then the EA boss also recommended that Sony should reduce the price of any new PSP model to “around $100.” Personally we think that price point is diving into the realms of craziness and is not something Sony would ever do

He concluded by saying “I think the price point needs to be lower, and I think you’re going to see that next year, along with a different form factor, our strategy on PSP has typically been to take the franchises that we build on other platforms and exploit them on the PSP,” he explained.