EA Delay SKATE Demo On 360

Although EA previously commented that SKATE demo would be hitting Xbox Live on August 15th they have now revealed they will not be able to meat that date. The unfortunate news have some to light over on the official EA forums, where one the main staff members comments, “Man, this sucks. I mean really sucks,” before going on to comment that “The demo has been delayed for a few days.

To offer some more info on the delay they went on to say that “As you know, we are trying something completely new for an Xbox Marketplace demo by allowing people to play the game and upload footage to our SKATE website. The thing is: the skate.reel video upload functionality is much more technically complex than a standard offline demo. So after submitting it to MS, we got blindsided by a technical (server related) issue we needed to address. Unfortunately it wasn’t really something that could have been avoided – just an unfortunate side-effect of doing something totally new in a demo environment.

However, If you are concerned that the delay might delay the game itself then don’t be worried as EA have commented that “our ship date for the game is still set for September 12 for Xbox 360 and September 24 for PlayStation 3.