EA Date SKATE And Announce Demo Date

EA have announced that SKATE, the only competition the Tony Hawk series has seen in years, will be coming to Xbox 360 on 14th September, followed a few weeks later by the PS3 copy on 5th October. The company gave no reason for why the PS3 version would take a extra month longer to appear.

To go hand in hand with the announcement the company also revealed that for players eager to get their hands on the game pre-launch, EA will release a SKATE demo on Xbox Live Marketplace on August 15 so players can experience first-hand the new ideas EA hope will invigorate the genre.

In the game, everything you do works towards getting you coverage in two of skateboarding’s premiere magazines – Thrasher and The Skateboard Mag. Coverage also means sponsors, product, money and fame. Become a legend by getting the covers and you’ll earn a coveted invitation to skate in the X Games. You can check out what those big events will look like in the trailer below, thanks to Gamersyde.