EA Comment On Bad Boogies

If you have been following Boogie since its first announcement at the beginning of the year, then you may have noticed that quite a few critics have recently been unsatisfied with he game. In fact, the reviews have been all over the place with the UK arm of the Official Nintendo Magazine giving the game an 8.1, but IGN, 1up and Gamespot scoring it a 4.5, a 3.0, and a 5.5 respectively.

With such ranging reviews EA Montreal’s Jean-Charles Gaudechon, when speaking to MTV, has commented that “My philosophy in terms of design: Controls shouldn’t be a showstopper. Difficultly should come from the game. It should be easy to dance. It should be tough to dance on a certain level of difficulty.” He also admitted that the team faced some problems syncing dance moves to flicks of the Wii remote, “Is it cool to shake it left and right and up and down? And how do you link dance moves together? And how does that look like choreography?

He went on to say that Hardcore gamers were not the market the game was aiming for. “When we did focus groups, we had 5-year-olds and 77-year-olds coming here. Twenty-nine-year-old hard-core gamers are not going to help us very much,” Gaudechon commented.

There’s room for improvement… This console has a lot to give,” he concluded.