EA Announce EA Playground For Wii

By means of an exclusive interview on IGN EA has unveiled yet another exclusive title will be making it way to Wii later this year. The game in questions seems to be highly influenced by the success of Wii Sports and goes by the name EA Playground. The game will also see a release on the Nintendo DS. EA boast that each version will take advantage of the unique selling points each platform has – notably touch and ‘waggle’. After the announcement EA had a chat with EA Playground’s executive producer, Dave McCarthy where he tried his best to explain what the game will bring to the table.

EA Playground is all about capturing the sheer fun of being a kid. We’ve designed a dream playground full of interesting characters, cool collectables, and most importantly, a mix of easy to pick up and incredibly fun playground games” he proclaims. “I personally think that multiplayer parties are the ideal way to play EA Playground.” When questioned on controls he said that “On Wii, there’s a mix of games that cover frantic actions mapped to gestures (e.g. throwing and dodging in Dodge Ball) and others that take advantage of navigating the entire world (e.g. RC Car Racing)” he concluded.

To see the rest of the interview an some screens you can click right here!