Duke Nukem Forever Now In ‘Polishing Stage’

3D Realms president, George Broussard, has responded to claims that the development team working on Duke Nukem Forever is falling apart by stating that the game is in now in the “polish” stage. On the games official forum he stated that “there’s honestly nothing to be concerned about, People leave. People come. There’s staff on the project you don’t know about. You know some, you don’t know most. There’s truly nothing to worry about.

Duke Nukem Forever has been in development for the last ten years (or since the dawn of time according to some industry insiders) but interestingly enough Broussard thinks things will finally be sorted out stating that the game was nearing its finality – “Physics and animation systems are virtually finished and shippable. It’s simply maintenance and polish from here on out. We haven’t needed to make substantial changes to those systems in months. The changes we have made were made without great effort.