Valkyrie Profile On The Way To DS

Jump magazine in Japan has announced that a version of Valkyrie Profile will be making its way to the Nintendo DS. According to initial reports the game will boast ideas similar to the older Valkyrie Profile games that found a home on PlayStation branded consoles, but you won’t be playing as a Valkyrie this time round. The game will go by the name Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One. Thanks to the great guys at neoGAF details given in the magazine have been translated that gives us an idea of what to expect from the game:

– The main character is a young soldier with silver hair who hates the Valkyries from past experience.
– He is determined to fight against the gods using the “feather that leads to victory” given to him by Heru from the underworld.
– Every time he uses the power of the wing, it turns darker.
– Ansel is close friend of Wilfred.
– Elise is a mysterious girl from the underworld that seeks to help Wilfred.

Also, thanks to the even greater guys at Evilbore here are first screens of the game: