DS To Get N64 Style Expansion Pack?

Spong have reported that Nintendo’s DS is set for a RAM upgrade to help with its newly announced Opera browser. The extra RAM is supposed to enable a smoother web experience while surfing online. The RAM upgrade will be available via the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot. The add-on will be bundled with the Opera browser DS cart and the whole package will end up costing just a shade under 20 quid in Japan. Once again this news is all according to Spong so a pinch of salt should be taken until official confirmation!

No US or European announcement regarding the surfing software has yet surfaced, though something is expected within the next few weeks Nintendo has not disclosed how beefy the injection of RAM will be for the DS, nor has it opted to comment on possible future applications for the memory upgrade (maybe it could also work in the same way as the N64 expansion pack).