KORG Bringing Synthesizer Software To DS

Non-games may not be one of our favourite genres at the moment, and Cooking Mama can go to hell for all we care. However, if there was one interesting piece of software on the way it would have to be this.

Through a joint venture between AQ Interactive and Procyon Studios Korg, it has been announced that a piece of KORG branded music-creation software will be coming to the DS. The software will be based on the concept of the famous MS-10 synthesizer – which most people that are interested in creating music should have heard about.

The KORG DS-10 Synthesizer will reportedly use the handhelds features to the fullest extent to provide what KORG label “a feel and operability that is unsurpassed.” KORG also comment that that the software’s features can be “appreciated by the complete novice as well as the seasoned professional.

It will also feature two analogue synth simulators and drum module, a 6-track/16-step sequencer for precise control and supposedly provides a wide range of musical possibilities. Also, several units can be connected and played together through a wireless link which sounds exciting.

Here is a trailer for the game, which includes a man with the best hair ever!

Currently the software is set to hit Japan this coming July for a price of 4,800 YEN. No US or Euro release is known as of yet, and we guess an announcement is unlikely to happen any time soon.