DS Gets Handwriting Recognition Technology

It has been announced today that Zi Corporation has signed a licensing agreement with Nintendo. It means developers can now employ Zi’s Decuma handwriting recognition technology while creating games for the Nintendo DS handheld video game system. It now means the Nintendo DS is the first handheld gaming platform to offer dual screen and touch screen technology similar to what can be found in some PDA’s.

“As the leading provider of handheld video game systems in the world, Nintendo has a reputation for adopting innovative technologies that improve the user’s experience with its products. With Decuma, Nintendo DS users will experience natural handwriting recognition previously only available to PDA and smartphone users. Zi continues to bring its multi-modal input products to leading mobile phones, gaming platforms and smartphones across the globe.”

So now we may see some developers using it in game, or perhaps even creating software which will allow the DS to function like a PDA. With the wifi connection soon to go online, we could even see email software being created.