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Double Fine trademarks “The Cave”, it could be Kickstarter related, maybe

Double Fine recently asked its fans, and worldwide lovers of Adventure games to please give them some money. They only really asked for $400,000, which is nothing really – you probably lost that much behind the sofa over the course of your life. However, Adventure game fans are great, and instead of that small little amount,  they gave Double Fine almost $3,000,000 (and it is still going higher!)

What will Double Fine fine do with all this money, other than spend it on whiskey? Well, recent news cites that they have trademarked the phrase “The Cave”, leading to some specualtion that The Cave might be the title of the game connected to thier Kickstarter projcect. However, it may not be. The Cave could also be the exclusive fourm where people go to talk about this new game as it gets made – as Double Fine promised that too.

The Cave could also be an actual cave that Tim Schafer found, and he wanted to name it – so he named it The Cave.

The US filing for the trademark only went through on February 22. and was spotted by Siliconera a few days later, so the timing seems right to have some connection to the Kickstarter thing. I hope it is an actual cave though.