Doom III goes gold

ID Software CEO Todd Hollenshead issued the news on his .plan today that gamers have waited what feels like an eternity for “IT´S DONE!!!!!!!” Yes, Doom 3 is officially gold and on its way to manufacturing.

He was also able to provide some details on the all important topic of release dates. In the U.S. where they can get the plants to run 24/7 retailers will be able to pick up their shipments at 1201 AM on Tuesday, August 3rd. Officially, the street date is Thursday, August 5th, but speedy retailers may have it on their shelves before then. International distribution will follow as quickly as possible. The U.K. can expect to see it on or about the 6th with everyone else looking at a Friday the 13th of August date to allow time for localization and manufacturing.

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