DOA4 Release Date Confirmed

Microsoft today announced the eagerly anticipated fourth installation of the Dead or Alive series will be available at European retail from 27th January onwards, there had been some confusion amongst fans’ about when the game actually released. Dead or Alive 4 is a true child of the next-generation, utilizing all of Xbox 360’s exceptional technological offerings and fantastic new features.

DOA4 offers the high level of fantastic game-play which has made the series so successful in the past. The fighting system has been completely revamped, now allowing even more strategy and mastery of your favourite characters. The brand new DOA countering system is the most challenging yet; it takes the game-play to a whole new level of sophistication, requiring precise timing and an intimate knowledge of your character’s moves. Alongside the familiar cast, DOA4 introduces brand new characters to be discovered, complete with a variety of outfits and even hairstyles! The game also takes advantage of the Emmy award winning Xbox Live! service, offering huge-scale global online tournaments, detailed scoreboards, the ability to form new clans, and a new interactive lobby area featuring voice and text chat.

Xbox 360’s superior graphics capabilities have enabled the developers at Tecmo to present intricate details, from the displacement of a single strand of hair as a character engages in action, to the course of an individual cherry blossom as it floats from the sky. Combined with the incredible high-definition 3-D visual detail, DOA4 also possesses a rich, in-depth storyline giving the players a chance to really put themselves at the centre of the captivating DOA universe.