DOA4 Glitch Confirmed By Tecmo

Gamespot has confirmed that the rumored save glitch is real. The glitch can apparently wipe all of your unlocks from your profile which is kind of scary, especially sinceDOA4 takes a lot of intensive play to unlock everything the game has to offer. Gamespot tracked down the Tecmo spokeswoman to get the skinny and she confirmed that the glitch does indeed affect some copies of the game. The rep told Gamespot that a patch was coming but urged gamers to take the follow precautions in the meantime

(1) With your copy of DOA4 already inserted, turn on your 360 by pressing the “open tray” button.
(2) Wait until all the information from your Gamer Profile is fully displayed on your Gamer Card, including achievements and other awards.
(3) Close the tray again with DOA4 still inserted.