Disaster: Day of Crisis delayed


Disaster: Day of Crisis, which was supposed to be released in Japan on July 3rd this year has been delayed. It is now set for an unspecified date in the country. This most likely means US and Europe wont get the game until much later as well, possibly sometime in 2009 at best.

The game first appeared at E3 2006, then disappeared, reappeared, and will now most likely disappear for a while once again. The reason behind the delay is apparently to give a “better quality” game to consumers, which probably means it is not very good in its current form, so to be honest we should be happy about the delay.

If you have not being following the game the basic idea behind it is to live through various natural disasters, and escape alive. The game apparently boasts “cutting-edge physics and gripping visuals” to re-create the terror of major catastrophes.