Bruce Dickinson’s Solo Albums To Be Re-Released

To celebrate the release of the new Bruce Dickinson album, “Tyranny of Souls”, all the past solo releases will be re-released with extra material on, such as hard to find B-sides and rare tracks. The live recordings will be merged into a new three-CD box set. Sleeve notes by Iron Maiden expert Dave Ling will be added to the booklets, which will be upgraded to contain never-before-seen photos. The original artwork will also be fully upgraded by original designer Hugh Gilmour.

“Tatooed Millionnaire” (1990) will be a two-CD release, with the following content on the new CD

01. Ballad Of Mutt
02. Winds Of Change
03. Darkness Be My Friend
04. Sin City (B-side of “All The Young Dudes”)
05. Dive! Dive! Dive! (Live)
06. Riding With The Angels (Live)
07. Sin City (Live)
08. Black Night (Live)
09. Son Of A Gun (Live)
10. Tattooed Millionaire (Live)

“Balls to Picasso” (1994) will have these songs in the second CD

01. Firechild
02. Elvis Has Left The Building
03. The Breeding House
04. No Way Out …To Be Continued
05. Tears Of The Dragon (acoustic chill out)
06. Winds Of Change
07. Spirit Of Joy
08. Over And Out
09. Shoot All The Clowns (Extended Mix)
10. Laughing In The Hiding Bush (Live)
11. The Post-Alternative Seattle Fall Out
12. Shoot All The Clowns (Remix)
13. Tibet
14. Tears Of The Dragon (First bit, Long bit, Last bit)
15. Cadillac Gas Mask
16. No Way Out …Continued

“Alive in Studio A” (1995) and “Scream for Me Brazil” (1999) will be merged as a three-CD box set.

“Skunkworks” (1996) will also feature a second CD

01. I’m In A Band With An Italian Drummer
02. Rescue Day
03. God’s Not Coming Back
04. Armchair Hero
05. R 101
06. Re-Entry
07. Americans Are Behind
“Skunkworks” Japanese Live EP
08. Inertia (Live)
09. Faith (Live)
10. Innerspace (Live)
11. The Prisoner (Live)

“Accident of Birth” (1997) will contain a bonus CD featuring the following

01. The Ghost Of Cain
02. Accident Of Birth (Demo)
03. Starchildren (Demo)
04. Taking The Queen (Demo)
“Man Of Sorrows” Japanese EP
05. Man Of Sorrows (Radio Edit)
06. Man Of Sorrows (Orchestral Version)
07. Man Of Sorrows (Spanish Version)
08. Darkside Of Aquarius (Demo)
09. Arc Of Space (Demo)

“Chemical Wedding” (1998) won’t feature a second CD but will contain two additionnal tracks

12. Real World
13. Confeos

Note that “Return of the King”, which wasn’t released in every country, will be the eleventh song on the album.