DICE: Moore Talks PC Games Renaissance

In his DICE session today, Microsoft Games supremo Peter Moore demonstrated Windows Vista, and admitted that the company has been culpable in PC game’s decline in retail sales. Moore said, “It’s a dereliction of duty. We’ve been distracted. It’s not helped that the PC market has seen some challenges.

He said that Microsoft’s recent reorganization would help the company “focus on the games business as a standalone business. Previously, we operated under separate units,” he said. “Everything is now being brought together to build truly cohesive, integrated marketing.The future is about PC games and Vista is at the vanguard of that.”

He said that Vista would drive PC upgrades which would help game sales, and gave an impressive demonstration of how Vista improves the gaming experience through better file organization. Moore once again put the pressure on his own company to push game sales. “We have seen years of decline in PC games retail sales. As a platform holder, we need to drive sales.

However, he pointed out that online games revenues are increasing dramatically. Worldwide retail game sales in 2005 $3.3 billion compared to $2 billion in online game sales, which includes subscriptions. He said that by 2009 game retail sales would hold steady, but online revenues would increase to a whopping $6.8 billion dollars.

Our consumer is more comfortable buying online than going to the retail store. We are seeing great growth online, and as an industry, we need to be at the center of that growth.” Moore addressed an issue that isn’t usually given much thought, arguing that PC games packaging needs to be standardized. “I go into retail outlets to look at PC games, and quite frankly, it’s a mess. We need to make the last three feet of the sale – the reach and grab – much easier by driving a retail standard around the world.

He also said that a “cohesive online solution is a target for the company for the next six months.” The company is also working on a “unified brand” for PC gaming. “Building brands is a key responsibility for us as a platform holder.” he finished

Source Next-Gen