Diablo III on consoles is “theoretically possible”

When speaking to a site with both Euro and Gamer in its name, Blizzard have revealed that it is “theoretically possible” to see Diablo III, or at least some version of the Diablo franchise appear on consoles in the future.

I think it’s theoretically possible. It would have some control changes that I think you’d have to make. It’s probably, of our major franchises, the one that’s most console friendly, for sure,” comments Blizzard’s vice president of game design Rob Pard.

However, he goes onto comment that changes would need to be made, especially with the games controls “Target selection is something you’re going to lose on console, you’re really going to be able to do targeting direction, but not specific targeting.

Finally he admits that even though it would be possible “it would still take a bit of work” to accomplish.