Diablo III now official, but not dated

After much rumourmongering over recent months Blizzard has finally revealed Diablo III to the world, thus confirming that the game is in fact real and not something made up in the head of fans of the hack and slash genre to ease their pain. The game is planned for a simultaneous release on both Windows and Mac, but no console version is planned as of yet.

Blizzard have commented that the game will keep a similar isometric style and look to its predecessor, but will of course boast lovely new graphics as we’ve come along way since 2000. Havok physics will also be used in the game, which will offer destructible environments. Random level and random encounter generators will also be on show to keep things interesting even after multiple play sessions. But Blizzard hasten to add that a collection of static levels will also be on show, so not everything will be new each time you play.

Aside from this the game will obviously retain many of the much loved gameplay elements of the older games, but offer a streamlined combat system which will offer quick skills available via the mouse wheel and Tab key. Jay Wilson, the games lead designer goes onto comment that combat will be “so simple that you can play it with just the mouse.” The game will also place a greater focus on cooperative or team based play, with drop-in / out options available via Blizzards Battle.net service.

Unfortunately, not much more info was given. The amount of classes that will be available in the game was not revealed, but The Barbarian and Witch Doctor were two that were shown in the demo at the Blizzard’s World Wide Invitational. Blizzard also said that each class will be available to play as both male and female. Also, for those interested with the techy side of thing Blizzard did say that DirectX 10 will not be required to play the game.

Oh, and no release date was even hinted at either. Blizzard vice president Frank Pearce comments “It’s far too early in development for us to put a release date for it.” However, he did go on to reveal the game has “been in development for four years.

Finally, we’ve heard rumors of a secret cow level being created for the game. But dont tell anyone though, as it’s supposed to be a secret. I said Moo!