Dev’s Not Using The Power Of The PSP

In an interview with CVG, WipEout Pulse director Buckley had commented that he believes PSP developers will be a key reason whether or not the handheld succeeds. He also said that he would like the PSP’s multi-functional nature to be taken advantage of by more teams if they are to take the fight to Nintendo and their DS.

I’m not to sure whether there is a killer piece of software out there that would make people say “woah” – there are loads of great games out there I just think that our team and other development teams need to utilise other areas of the machine. It’s for us to actually sell the console. I think there’s too much made of titles not being specifically for the PSP. It is a games console, and what has been evident over the past two years is that one of its problems is how it actually was – it was created as a portable device but it was such a good device that people treat it differently – they sit at home playing it.”

So I think that rather than focusing on the gameplay side of it, I think we should be focusing on how to fully utilise what I think it quite a sophisticated piece of kit. And that’s why we’re making efforts to go online, surf the web with it, check out the news, we want to make it easy for people to share content and all sorts. You know, there’s a lot in there that you can use. For example the whole idea of playing your own MP3s in a game – it’s not rocket science so we’ve done it and it’s a nice extra feature. The music is there on the machine – why should you not be able to use it.

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