Developers Comment Revolution Hardware

Thanks to, the following comments from anonymous developers are available to the public

The Nintendo Revolution’s Power
To be honest, it’s not much more powerful than an Xbox. It’s like a souped up Xbox, but it’s the controller that makes the difference and the controller is really nice.

The Nintendo Revolution’s RAM supply
There is more RAM that you can use, but Nintendo is using that for general memory, like game saves and all sorts of other things. You could use it, but you can’t rely on it.

As soon as we find out what it can do then we’ll know if Revolution will just be like an Xbox or something a little more.

These comments tell us that the Revolution will have a substantial amount of RAM, but that will be used for game saves and other things. IGN reports that third parties have revealed that the console will top out with 128MB of RAM. One studio reported that, “The same as GameCube plus an extra 64MB of main RAM.” This works out to nearly triple the amount of memory in the Gamecube.

On the issue of Development
We are looking at it quite differently. It’s like another current generation platform for us. But it’s such a nice controller that it opens up a lot of possibilities. It’s very different and it’s very precise.

And…the Controller
People are interested, but they’re still taking it all in at the moment. I’m sure [Nintendo is] going to get a fair amount of support. Probably a lot of people will initially look at existing franchises and whether or not they can kind of do customized versions for Revolution using most of the assets they’ve got. But whether they’ll say, “Okay, let’s do something completely original for it,” that’s the other question because it could be quite expensive to do that. Not as expensive as doing a PS3 or Xbox 360 game. But if you’re a third party and you want to do cross platform, if you’re doing a game on 360 you can do it on PS3 or PC using the same assets and that does make it a bit easier.

Also according to IGN, Nintendo will reveal more about the Revolution in early 2006 and the first games will be shown at the E3 Expo in May in Los Angeles. As of now, we know very little about the console and more will be revealed at E3. Developers have reported that the North American release will be sometime during the week of the U.S. Thanksgiving.

Source IGN