Details Emerge For God of War 2 On PS2

Information has leaked onto the internet that reveals that a sequel to the best-selling and critically acclaimed God of War is in development for the PlayStation 2 and is scheduled to hit North American retail shelves in February of 2007.

Once again being developed by SCEA Santa Monica, God of War 2 puts players back into the role of Kratos as he further pursues to seek revenge against the gods of Mount Olympus. Continuing the tradition of the first game, God of War 2 will further go into Greek mythology as Kratos faces off against Icarus, whose wings he acquires as a tool for gliding, rides the flying horse Pegasus, discovers the Amulet of Fate and the Golden Fleece, both of which will also grant him new abilities. Kratos will also be able to wield weapons such as a Hammer, Bone Sword and the head of Medusa, the serpent which whose gaze would turn any creature to stone.

It is being said that the game will also feature an improved climbing system as Kratos fights on ceilings and walls, while he uses his blade to grapple across chasms and pull objects towards him.

The leaked information claims that God of War 2 will feature visuals that will hold their own against next-generation games.

We still expect a PS3 port of the game

Source GamersMark