Taken King 2

Destiny adds King’s Fall Hard Mode today, and a fireteam already has beaten it

For those who have completed all of the content in the latest expansion for Destiny, now there is something new to work towards. Earlier today at 1 P.M. Bungie unlocked the hard mode for the newest raid that came with The Taken King, King’s Fall. A lot of fans have speculated that this last piece to the expansion would be the most difficult feat yet and even Bungie has recommended that players at least have a light level of 300-320. A couple of different forums have users that started to document the raid changes, a Bungie user that goes by ArrGoat has gathered info and the Destiny subreddit has also been gathering information as well.

Many believed that this raid was going to take a while for anyone to complete. It was hinted that some of the mechanics were going to be changed and the raid would take the rhythm that many have become accustomed to and “upset that rhythm”, but a little over an hour after the hard mode launched a team defeated it.

The fireteam composed of pCOptimus, SSPups, tommy95gunn, Tylerr23, Valleyram84, and xNike23_ completed the raid while streaming on Valleyram’s Twitch channel.

It sounds like there is a new emblem that is granted when this new mode is completed, so for those of you who have not defeated Oryx this second time, get to it!