Dementium: The Ward finally coming to Europe


Dementium: The Ward, a game which was first released all the way back in October 2007 in the US, is finally on the way to Europe. The game will be making its way to Europe on April 17th thanks to Southpeak Games.

Dementium: The Ward tells the story of a man who wakes up alone in a mysterious, empty hospital that is frozen in time. He ventures through the hospital, and runs into deadly, grotesque surgical experiments. The game also boasts a series of challenging puzzles to complete to accompany the horror involved.

We’re delighted to be releasing Dementium: The Ward in the UK and we’re sure that DS owners will enjoy playing this unique and terrifying survival horror,” said Jonathan Hales, Managing Director, SouthPeak Games. “With its incredible graphics and deep storyline, Dementium is an experience like nothing else on Nintendo DS.

Jools Watsham, Owner & Game Director at Renegade Kid said: “We’re thrilled to be finally scaring Europe.