Deal Struck For More Crazy Frog Games

Myriad Interactive has struck between Eric Wernquist and Kaktus Film for use their ‘The Annoying Thing’ property and as a result The Crazy Frog will now have a chance to annoy us all the way up to 2012. The deal give Myriad the rights to create video games that include The Crazy Frog and all his lovely friends for many years to come.

The Annoying Thing has now broken through as a global brand, whether you love it or hate it,” said founding partner of Myriad Interactive Leo Zullo. “There is a lot of work and effort being put into the character and its future. More details of this will be released soon.

FYI The Crazy Frog video games have already sold in excess of one million copies worldwide – I believe that more than Okami! You can check out our review of his latest romp by clicking this very link to find out what joys awaiting as we move into 2012… we are thinking Crazy Frog Olympics!