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Deadpool delisted from digital stores. Contract expiration likely culprit

It may have passed you by, but Activision released Deadpool on June 28 of last year for PC, Xbox 360 ans PS3. That is just 6 short months ago. However, now that we’re just stepping  into 2014, it seems Deadpool’s time is already up.

The game has suddenly disappeared from all main download platforms for both console and PC – that means Steam, PSN and XBL. Can you find Deadpool? He is lost, and we miss him!

Activision have not offered a comment as to why the game has suddenly disappeared, but the fact we have just moved into 2014 seem to highlight Activision only had the licence to distribute the game throughout 2013. A similar occurrence happened recently with the Marvel vs Capcom games. They had to be delisted from online stores, as Capcom’s contract with Marvel has come to an end – although in this case the contract lasted a few year, not a few months.

If the licence is truly up, and Deadpool is truly delisted, that means the game was only available to the public for 186 days before it got pulled. That may be some sort of record.