Dead Rising Recives Ban In Germany

Forthcoming Xbox 360 title Dead Rising has been banned from sale in Germany by the country’s video games ratings board which is named the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle.

According to reports, the USK made the decision after the game’s content was deemed to be too violent. Dead Rising sees players taking on the role of photographer Frank West, who finds himself caught up in a battle against an army of zombies. It’s thought that the USK has objected to the way in which players must hack and slash enemies to destroy them.

Germany has taken a tough line on violence in video games over the years with many publishers are required to release different versions of their titles there – for example, many titles must feature green blood instead of red so that they appear less gory.

A few years ago Carmageddon was also banned until the developers changed the human pedestrians to zombies for the German version. Upon the change the game was quickly approved for sale. But even though Dead Rising contains Zombies will not launch in Germany when it goes on sale in other European countries this September.