Dead Rising 2 to right original’s wrongs

We really liked Dead Rising, but would be the first to admit it had its fair share of annoyances. It seems the guys at Capcom are happy to admit they made a few mistakes to, and are willing to look into fixing them in the upcoming Dead Rising 2.

We really want to create a game that has Western sensibilities mixed in with our Japanese design ideas. That’s the next step in our global design in which Dead Rising 2 plays a very significant role,” commented Keiji Inafune, head of Research & Development and Online Business at Capcom during the latest Bionic Commando podcast.

He went onto praise Blue Castle Games, the lead developer on the sequel, and admitted he can learn from ideas they put forward.

Working with Blue Castle has really shown us how we can not only fix the problems with the original game, but also extend and expand upon the really fun parts as well. They really understood the Japanese flavour that made Dead Rising so unique, they show me that they are serious about creating a game that keeps that Capcom spice intact.