Daxter On His Way To The PSP

Naughty Dog has today revealed that their new developer Ready At Dawn is hard at work on a PSP game featuring Daxter the co star of Jak in recent PS2 games!

Although the type of game is unknown yet Ready At Dawn’s official website lists their upcoming project as “an action/adventure game” so take what you will from that brief description!

Daxter PSP will offer the opportunity to share content with upcoming PS2 title Jak X. “If you’ve got both games and connect your PSP to your PS2, you’ll be able to get characters from Daxter PSP into Jak as racers,” says Evan Wells, co-president of Naughty Dog. “You can select them, and also probably special vehicle customizations and looks, because we have personalization of vehicles. You’ll be able to put stickers on and make your vehicle look like it’s from Daxter PSP.”