David Jaffe not a fan of Marvel Games

Over on his blog David Jaffe (the man behind the God of War franchise, and also Mickey Mania) has ranted about recent Marvel Games and their use open city worlds in almost of their games. “Please stop putting Spiderman games in big open sandbox environments where you swing around and do oh so slight variations on 4 pretty dull mission types,” he comments.

He goes onto comment that he wants more games that feels like a comic? “I don’t mean art style wise; I don’t mean like Comix Zone with panels and cliche stuff like that. I mean feels like a comic in a story based, narrative way: a game that shows off the OTHER aspect that makes Marvel Comics so special: The characters/story. It’s not JUST about the powers, you know.

Finally, he comments “I really hope Marvel stops ONLY using the HOW TO MAKE A MARVEL GAME template that seems to demand: Open City, Hero Powers, Recycled Missions ad nauseam, and a few Unique things tossed in. And I hope they stop because this template- in most cases- goes against the very thing that makes the comics so special: story.