Datel Announce Stupid 4GB Hard Drive For 360

Datel have released a new 4GB portable USB Hard Drive for the Xbox 360. Datel’s press release is kind enough to give us the following information

– Holds 1,000’s of Songs and Over 5,000 Images
– 100% Xbox 360 compatible
– Pocket sized 4 Gigabyte capacity – yet only 2 inches square!
– High speed USB 2.00
– No external power required
– Powers directly from the Xbox 360
– Cool green glow USB connector to compliment your XBox 360
– Lightweight – weighs less than 4 ounces

That’s great you may think! (if you were deranged) Well there is a downside to this new hard drive and as we are so nice we are going to write our own little list just like Datel did

– It costs $79, a lot more that Microsoft’s own 20GB hard rive
– Can’t store game saves
– Can’t be used for online/Xbox Live stuff.
– Has annoying short lead
– Twas a stupid idea to beginning with
– You could buy a camera with more functions for less money
– You could buy a cheap mp3 player for less money
– Buying product will make baby Jesus cry