Dark Souls II for PC is coming April 25th – PRAISE THE SUN!

The news the universe has been waiting for, we finally have a release date for Dark Souls II on PC – it’s April 25th 2014.


Adventurers will be delighted to discover that the PC & STEAM version will fully benefit from PC capabilities: increased texture resolution and an enhanced frame rate option. On top of that, From Software have been working to perfectly adapt the game for a mouse & keyboard combo.

Because of the high expectations from PC gamers, Namco Bandai are working with From Software in ensuring that the PC version of Dark Souls II offers the best experience possible, said Mathieu PIAU, EMEA Marketing Director at NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe.


If you couldn’t tell, it’s exciting times to finally know a release date for what is probably going to be the best version of Dark Souls II.